Homeschool Algebra Math Student

Select the links for the course syllabus and / or a sample lesson.  Note that students are provided the lecture handouts seen in the videos to take notes on.

(*PreCalculus I, PreCalculus II and Calculus prepare students to successfully complete CLEP tests to receive college math credit)

Traditional Curriculum: Each of these courses is very standard and contains the same content you would find if taking them at any community college or university.  However, I have developed them specifically for homeschool students with a flexibility that allows a greater emphasis on student learning and success by not having to fit everything into parameters determined by an institutionalized box.

Course Structure: Courses are delivered through a course management system that can be accessed from anywhere over the internet.  Primary instruction is in the format of concise, carefully recorded lecture videos that provide comprehensive coverage of the topics and can be reviewed as necessary.  Students are provided fillable lecture notes that they complete while working through the videos to assist them in learning the material.  Homework assignments from a hardcopy textbook are required, and regular assessments are given with prompt and personal feedback provided by the instructor.

Live Face to Face Help Sessions: Students are able to receive live, face to face help throughout the week from the instructor for anything related to the course via simple and easy-to-use teleconference software.

Student Mentoring: Although the emphasis is on mathematics, students often comment about how much they learn in these courses that isn’t directly related to math, such as study skills, time management, and a variety of life principles relating to a strong work ethic.  All of these are essential for success in mathematics, and because the goal is student success, students also benefit from being mentored in these qualities that are applicable to success in every area of life.

Emphasis on Learning: The emphasis of the courses is on learning and not just obtaining a grade or jumping through hoops in a fixed amount of time.  They are designed to allow students to make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, then go on to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and receive a grade that accurately reflects both their ability and performance.

Homeschool Algebra Math StudentFlexibility and Placement:  Students can proceed at the pace that allows them to learn the concepts before moving on, and if after starting at a particular level they find themselves either too high or too low, they can easily change to a different level with a simple email—no need to wait in line to see an advisor!  Need time off from a traditional school calendar for a family vacation or other event?  No problem!  The course structure allows breaks to be built into the student schedule to meet your needs.

Course Dates: Most students choose to follow a traditional fall, spring, or academic year school calendar with enrollment taking place in the months prior.  But because of the built in flexibility and self-paced nature of these courses, students can actually start anytime and follow whatever schedule works best for them and their family!

What About Geometry? All the geometry that students need for success in both college and STEM fields is integrated throughout the curriculum starting in Prealgebra.  Many concepts in algebra are geometric in nature, with geometry composing a substantial amount of College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus (also called Analytic Geometry).   Geometry often motivates algebra, while algebra informs geometry.  Hence geometry is presented alongside the algebra as it is developed and needed for maximum understanding and comprehension.


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