Course Scheduling Recommendations: Although the flexible nature of this program allows students to start anytime and proceed at their own pace, many families find it helpful to follow a traditional pathway and schedule.

Prealgebra and Algebra I: For most students who are taking Prealgebra or Algebra I for the first time, I recommend completing the course over an academic year.  Students starting in late August typically have no problem completing those courses in April, allowing for both a fall and spring break in addition to a two-week Christmas break.  Mathematically gifted students or those who want a solid review of topics they have previously been exposed to may wish to consider the semester option.

Algebra II: For students who have successfully completed Algebra I,  Algebra II is very attainable in a semester, but at a college pace.  Students who are not ready for a college pace should complete the course over an academic year.

Precalculus: At the Precalculus level, students who are college bound should aim to complete College Algebra and Trigonometry in a semester each, ideally during the Fall and Spring semesters.   If they need to extend either of these courses beyond a semester they can easily do so, but by aiming to complete them in a semester they will also be better prepared for the pace required of college level courses.  Students completing College Algebra may wish to complete the CLEP test for College Algebra to receive college credit for it, or they may wish to to wait until after completing Trigonometry and then complete the CLEP test for Precalculus, which includes both College Algebra and Trigonometry topics.

Calculus: For students who have successfully completed Precalculus, Calculus is also attainable in a semester.  However, because it is more content-intensive and requires strong algebra skills, students who struggled in Precalculus may wish to allow an academic year to complete this course.  Upon completing the course, students will want to complete the CLEP test to receive college credit for it.

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