Homeschool Algebra Math StudentsBase Option: The base cost for each 4 month semester course is $250.  A standard, traditional textbook is also required and can be obtained online at modest expense.  Older editions of the selected texts are also typically available and can be used as indicated in the syllabus.  This option follows a more intensive schedule typical at the college level and is recommended for self-motivated and mathematically gifted students.

Graduated Rate Option: Students may extend their class as needed according to a graduated scale that starts out at $10 for the first additional month, $20 for the next additional month, $30 for the next additional month, and so on, so that 4 additional months (approximately an entire academic year) would cost a total of $350.

Homeschool Algebra Math Parent and Child

This graduated rate plan is designed as an incentive to force both students and their parents to exercise the faithful diligence and discipline necessary to complete the course in a timely manner.  Like learning to play a musical instrument, to learn mathematics requires a discipline that isn’t inherent to most students and therefore also requires an external motivation.  In the real world, time is money, and this is a great way to learn that it doesn’t pay to procrastinate:  Because math is cumulative and sequential, the longer a student takes on assignments, the less they tend to remember, making it even more difficult to learn.  My recommendation to parents is to set completion dates based on what they understand their student’s ability to be, and incentivize those dates by charging any additional cost back to the student in some way if not completed on time, and likewise rewarding the student if completed sooner.

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